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          ???? 廣水經濟開發區于1997年8月,經湖北省政府批準成立,規劃面積1 5平方公里。其中:倉儲物流區35公頃,火車站核心商貿區30公頃,公共服務綜合區1 54公頃,商貿居住區41公頃,濱水商住區24公頃,綜合工業區147公頃,食品工業區1 30公頃,機械工業區96公頃,化工工業區1 43公頃。后期開發區拓展區域7平方公里。著重在機械制造、高新電子、藥用包裝、食品加工等四個優勢產業上,加大產業對接合作力度。


          Brief Introduction to Guangshui Economic Development Zone

          Guangshui Economic Development Zone was established in August 1997 approved by Hubei Provincial Government, with the planned area of 15 square kilometers, of which 35 hectares of storage and logistics area, 30 hectares of railway station core business areas, 154 hectares of integrated public services area, 41 hectares of commercial residential, 24 hectares of waterfront commercial and residential area, 147 hectares of comprehensive industrial zone, 130 hectares of food industrial area, 96 hectares of mechanical industrial area, 143 hectares of chemical industrial area The expansion area of the zone is 7 square kilometers later, which focused on advantage I industries such as machinery manufacturing, high-tech electronics, pharmaceutical packaging, food processing industries, and increases efforts to industrial connection and cooperation.


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